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How To Become A Rockstar

I don’t like the title because it sounds ridiculous. It sounds like spam.

This post is not about how you can achieve fame, fortune and fans in 10 easy steps. It’s about me. It’s about what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and all the mistakes I’m making. Hopefully it will also be about the triumphs and joys.

● It’s a weird feeling to be writing what’s in my head.
The feeling is like breaking up. You know when you have to tell it how it is and how it is just doesn’t come out right? It’s uncomfortable to be honest because where you are during a breakup is not where you wanted to be when you started the relationship. Where you wanted to be was so fucking beautiful. Where you are now, sucks.

That’s where I am

Sucking is a big part of being a rockstar. There’s so much suck in it. I’m talking about the disappointments. The expectations are huge. On both sides of the fence. I have huge expectations about you. You have huge expectations about me. It gets messy. We fail each other. Often. Just like love.

Being a rockstar is a lot like love. Or a drug. Sometimes, it feels just like heaven. Sometimes, it’s just like a highway to hell. You can’t buy into it. You either live it or you don’t. You don’t need the label, recognition, money or entourage to validate the disease.

But what do I know! Let me share a secret with you. Can you keep it between us?
I don’t know if things are real (or true) unless I’m paid. Cash, compliments, or likes - it’s all the same. It’s confirmation.

That sucks! Because that feels like there is no truth or realness to me.
There’s just you and I can’t be without you.

Rockstars Don’t Kiss And Run

If you know anything about social media, you know that everyone has something to say about it. Everyone has something to say about how to do social media. Everyone is a social media expert – but not really. They are talking and just because they can talk (or write) doesn’t mean that they really know something about social media or how to do it.

★ ★ I want to tell them all, you ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog. Worse than that - you’re a hound dog that pisses in the house ★★

● I’m starting to hate the word, “social-media”

My problem is that social media has become mission-critical to the work, promotion, and marketing of the artist. I get that. I can’t ignore it. Through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Triberr, I connect with the world. I can share my music, my work, and my life with you. We can get engaged.
But I have to shout it out so loud that I hate the noise. I hate the liars. I hate the takers.
Like The Dude writes about in the Economics of Friendship, there’s got to be a giving and receiving of meaningful actions and things. Maybe, all that you have to give back to me is a like, a comment, and a retweet (or wall repost). That’s beautiful. I will receive it with joy and thankfulness.

Whatever you have to share or give to me, just make sure that it is sincere and full of your warmth and you. Just “liking” things is kinda suspect to me. That’s not engagement.
If you want to share or give me something that is counterfeit and fake, I don’t want it. If you want to tell me about social media tricks and tips that you don’t even use yourself, I’m going to get pissed off. I may even have to write a song about how it’s people like you that make this world suck.
If you blog about engagement and community and you put it in front of my eyes, you better be engaging with me as a human being. Otherwise, one day I’m going to call you out by name and URL. I’m going to bring the world down on you. Because we don’t need more people like you in this world.

● I share something significant and sincere

As an artist, I have something to give. Music and sound, for example. It’s something I’ve been doing for at least 15 years. It’s something I get paid to do. By that I mean, the value of my work and art has been confirmed by others. I’ve paid my dues and I’m still paying them. But that’s not all I have to explain to you.

When I share a song with you, I’m sharing something significant and sincere. It is the sum of years of passion and dedication to the music, accomplishments and defeats, and, yes, my experience as a human person.

It’s also hours and hours of work. In some cases, hundreds and hundreds of hours that includes everything from rounding up the musicians and getting them into the studio to recording them and re-recording them until the sound is right. It’s also the hours and hours of processing the sounds (piano, drums, voices, etc. ) individually and bringing it all together into something that is meaningful enough that people want it enough in their life to pay for it.

● That’s what I give and share

And social media? I want you to think about the chorus of Elvis Presley’s song, Little Sister. I want you to think about it for more than five minutes.

Little sister, don’t you
Little sister, don’t you
Little sister, don’t you kiss me once or twice
Then say it’s very nice
And then you run

Little sister, don’t you
Do what your big sister done.

Presley’s song, Little Sister, describes the sick elephant in the social media – the elephant that no one is talking about. For example, the dude is right when he pointed out that tragedy of Trey Pennington’s suicide. The tragedy is that he had 100,000+ followers on Twitter and Facebook and it meant nothing to him.

Trey Pennington was alone.
And Rockstars? Rockstars don’t kiss once or twice, say its nice, and then they run.